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Our Story

Xuma is the culmination of our dream to elevate Mexico’s bright cultural splendor into the modern world. Our goal is to preserve the legacy and simultaneously modernize the tradition of drinking tequila spirits. Our unique formula is based on an old family recipe traditionally elaborated in Tequila, Jalisco using fresh fruit and silver tequila.

The vivid and rich flavors that embody each of our spirits represent Mexico’s lively and colorful diversity. Let the heated sweetness of mango and chile, the tart brightness of pomegranate, the tropical freshness of coconut, and the spicy tang of tamarind take you on an exciting journey across Mexico. Xuma was created to enliven and enhance your social rituals, creating new traditions and unforgettable memories of joyful occasions shared with family and friends.


The value in Xuma lies in our devotion as representatives of Mexico’s cultural diversity and splendor, our passion for creativity and talent, and our hope for a bright future. We honor the hard work and devotion of our ancestors through the creation of today’s fresh new ideas and tomorrow’s infinite possibilities.

Xuma is here to help you start the conversation. There’s nothing like the power of a great product to make a stellar impression in your social gatherings. With Xuma, you can enjoy tequila in a completely new, responsible way.

Feel free to have fun and experiment with all our flavors. You can even create your own signature Xuma cocktail!

We’re so excited to meet you, welcome to Xuma’s World.

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